Here are some the most common frequently asked questions relating to our claims service and flight delays refunds and compensation.

Who are we?

Flight Delay UK specialise in claims management against the airlines for delayed or cancelled flights when the airline is at fault. We process claims from start to finish on a ‘NO WIN NO FEE’* basis on behalf of our customers.

What is ‘NO WIN NO FEE’*?

Our full service to the customer is ‘NO WIN NO FEE’* – this means we will contractually process the claim on your behalf and in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful claim you will not be charged a penny. For further details please read our Terms & Conditions

How much will it cost to claim?

Many other companies will charge you an upfront fee to begin your claim as well as a high % (plus VAT) of the final payout from the airline. At Flight Delays UK we do not do this. WE WILL NEVER CHARGE AN UPFRONT FEE TO BEGIN YOUR CLAIM. We only charge when a successful claim completes. We charge a one off final payment of 25% plus VAT once you have received your payout.

Who can Claim?

Anyone of any age travelling in your travelling party can claim against the airline. So, for example if a family of 6 are delayed with 2 adults and 4 children that would be 6 separate claims against the airline. You can also claim even if you do not live in the UK, as long as your delay/cancellation was with an EU registered airline or within the EU itself.

Why use Flight Delays UK?

At Flight Delays UK, we have over 10 years experience processing claims in a variety of different fields on our customer’s behalf. Always on a ‘NO WIN NO FEE’* basis and boast a 95% success rate. We have a team of vastly knowledgeable and experienced claims handlers.  You will be assigned an individual claims handler who will be your sole handler and point of contact throughout your claim. We also have our own team of solicitors, within our sister company who will act on your behalf if necessary.

What are the criteria you need to claim?

Your delay or cancellation must have been within the last 6 years and have been a minimum of 3 hours delay. The delay/cancellation cannot be caused by the weather, acts of God, political unrest, strike action or terrorism. The delay/cancellation must be directly the fault of the airline. For example, under or over booking of the flight, under staffing of flight crew, administrational issues to name but three. Also, technical faults with the aircraft due to mis management or issues that should have been prevented through routine maintenance.

If you are unsure whether your delay/cancellation meets criteria and want more information call our team on 08006906548 or email your query to

What do you need to start a claim?

Most other companies will require you to provide full flight details, including flight number, boarding pass and other details which are difficult to find if your delay was some years ago. Although this information is helpful it’s not a necessity .

At Flight Delays UK we only need some basic information from you and we have the ability to trace your flight anywhere across the globe and gather all the information we need to begin your claim.

To start the claim process we will only need –

  • Your name and contact details
  • A rough estimate of the date you flew
  • The airline you flew with
  • Where you were flying to and from